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About Scultura Di Vino

I believe a fine bottle of wine should prominently display its beautiful label. This wine rack design was conceived as a solution to showcase your great selection of wines; To allow easy access to each of the 32 bottles while occupying a minimal floor space.

Scultura di Vino is a masterly crafted sculpture that will surely draw attention to the very center of your wine cellar, showroom, restaurant, or home. Time honored blacksmithing techniques were used to create this hand-forged wine rack, crafted out of solid bars, twisted vines and curled tendrils. No two are alike. A protective dark finish and a waxed patina further highlights the hammered surface texture.

Dimensions: 26” diam. by 80” high. (Custom sizes available upon request).

About the Artist...

Jean-Pierre Masbanji is a third generation artisan. His passion for forging iron ignited in 1974 at the young age of 12 while apprenticing by his father’s side. His keen interest and natural talent to draw as a child coupled with a multi-cultured and well traveled upbringing provided the ultimate educational background to hone his sensitivity for metalwork design aesthetics. In pursuit to achieve the highest technical excellence, Jean-Pierre studied in France with the ‘Compagnons Du Devoir,’ earning a diploma in metalwork in 1995. The Diplome represents the crowning achievement of wrought iron mastery. Jean-Pierre has won numerous international awards for excellence in craftsmanship; the adventure continues...